Carefree Dressage

Extremely athletic, 12 yo 16.2 H. Hanoverian gelding. Solid competition horse for the Prix St George and the Intermediare 1. Schooling Grand Prix. Wynsum was 2008 Region 5 Open Prix St George and Intermediare 1 Champion. Wynsum is a very expressive horse, sweet, energetic and fun to ride. His trot is lively and full of suspension. His canter is forward, uphill and ground covering. He has easy flying changes. Wynsum has obedient ground manners and he has tons of personality. Wynsum has been owned and professionally trained since he was imported as a two year old. He is currently being shown successfully by a Jr rider and is at the top in the rankings. He is a perfect horse for a Jr/ YR wanting to go to the championships or anyone wanting to compete at the small tour right away.

Del Maggio - SOLD!

Del Maggio is a beautiful 5 year old, 17.3 hand Hanoverian gelding by Dimaggio x Wolkentanz II. He was imported from Germany as a 3 year old. He has real international quality about him and all of the makings to become a top professional FEI horse. He has a commanding presence in the show ring. He has an incredible temperament, sweet personality, and he is one of the barn favorites. Del Maggio has 3 very expressive, elastic gaits and he is a very uphill, supple and well balanced mover. He learns new things quickly, has no bad habits, and has plenty of energy (in a good way).

He has competed lightly in 2011 and 2012 in the FEI 4 and 5 year old tests, winning all of his classes in the 70’s.

Monte - SOLD!

A well bred, athletic horse that is sweet as pie and can do it all! He is a flashy and attractive mover. Very kind and willing. He is a real workaholic. He is a sensitive horse to the leg and very comfortable to ride.

Amore' - SOLD!
Beautiful, 6 year old Hanoverian gelding by Alabaster. Unbelievable temperament, sweet nature and a dream to have in the barn. Amore’ has 3 top quality gaits and he has a very sound conformational structure. Amore’ was shown very successfully in 2006 in the FEI 5 year old classes winning most classes with scores ranging from 70.0 to 80.0. He is currently working well at third level movements and will be competing this year in the FEI 6 year old classes. Current x-rays are available as well as video.


FEI horse with presence, personality and a very sweet heart. He will make a super mount for most any Adult Amateur or Young Rider. He is a safe, quiet, and willing partner. He is well trained in all the FEI movements

Parlambo is a 1997, 17 hand , imported KWPN chestnut gelding with lots of chrome. He is a FEI horse with presence and personality. A real crowd pleaser, he gets plenty of "pretty points". Parlambo is a sweetheart to work with and quite a character in the barn. Well trained , he can teach most anyone to do the FEI movements. He is safe and willing with no soundness issues.

Parlambo was shown successfully on the Florida circuit at Prix St George, I-1 & 2 and Grand Prix before his current owner purchased him.
Parlambo has also been shown at the lower levels with the owner's daughters and proved to be one of the safest mounts she could have found. He is a special horse and will easily win your heart.

Dimaggio - SOLD!

2001 ,16.2 hand, imported Hanoverian gelding. Dimaggio has an super sweet, amazing temperament. He is easy to work with. He comes out every day with great work ethic. He has 3 forward great gaits. He is very fun and easy to ride. He is currently working on second level and third at home. He has a change in both directions. He recently was shown at first level winning his class with a 72%. Dimaggio will make a great horse for an adult amateur or young rider.

London Dance - SOLD!
Bombproof, handsome, 2002, 17 hand, FEI gelding by Londonderry.

Great for competitive adult amature or Junior or Young rider. Well trained, easy to ride and show, always safe and steady, sane and sound. This young FEI horse will patiently take someone learning dressage up the levels or go out and show PSG/I-1. Easy tempi changes are confirmed to 2's, schooling 1's. "London" has a generous, sweet and gentle nature, tries hard to please and adapt to his rider and is tolerant of a novice type rider. No vices, easy keeper, turns out in pasture alone or with others. One owner for the past 5 years. "London" has a generous, gentle nature, tries hard to please and adapt to his rider and is tolerant of a less experienced rider. No vices, easy keeper.

Capri - SOLD!
Big, handsome, impressive, elegant, charming, are all words to describe Capri, but his best quality is his amazing temperament!
This horse was imported in 2006 by an adult amateur. Capri has taught her how to ride Grand Prix and she achieved many goals including earning her Gold Medal, winning State and Regional Championships and participating in several clinics. He is quite willing, balanced and uphill. He is a sensational mover with a very flashy front leg. He also has lots of freedom in the shoulder making lateral work very easy and creating extremely expressive passage and piaffe. His canter work includes very clean flying changes and super pirouettes. Capri is very sound and is ridden 5 days per week with conditioning exercise on the treadmill 3 days per week. He loves to go on trail rides and is really good out on the trail.
Capri is perfect for a serious adult amateur or young rider with huge goals.

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